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Ballet Physiotherapist Soho, London

With years of experience on both sides of the physiotherapy table, when it comes to dance injuries, I have full empathy for how frustrating this can be for a dancer.  I'll work with you to establish the nature and level of your injury and thereafter scope out a suitable and bespoke rehabilitation plan to ensure you achieve optimal results. 


For ballet injuries and the rehabilitation process that follows, an in-depth knowledge of anatomy coupled with an understanding of the physical demands that ballet can put on the body is required. With years of training at The Royal Ballet School and subsequent training as 

a Physiotherapist, my services are dedicated to providing the knowledge, care, and understanding that you need in the most trying times a ballet dancer can face.

Physiotherapy for Ballet 

My knowledge base and skillset doesn’t stop with just treating direct ballet injuries. I believe that each dancer is unique in their talent, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. This applies to even the most advanced professional dancers and as such all dancers' are invited  to openly discuss their personal target areas for strength, mobility and technique goals. This paired with a comprehensive physical assessment allows us to highlight each individuals ‘Stronger dancer’ program criteria to allow you to reach your fullest potential. 

Book your initial consultation at Physio Me London to start achieving your goals. We are located at the beautiful premises of 'Until' in Soho which is easily accessible from Tottenham Court Road station.


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