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Welcome dancers! This space is dedicated to helping you to reach your full potential with a focus on becoming strong, confident and resilient dancers.

Dance Physiotherapist Soho, London




Every dancer is different so their training program should be too.

'Stronger dancer' is a bespoke physio led personal training program tailored to your dancing needs and goals. Bringing you the strength and fitness you need to grow as a dancer with a focus on injury prevention.

Suitable for children of all ages and adults from beginner to professional levels of training.

The Stronger Dancer Program


Step 1: Consulation & Diagnosis

Initial 1 hour assessment £135


Before we provide any individualised exercise programs or advice, we need to know all about you. Your first 1 hour consultation aims to ascertain your current level of training, previous and current injuries and personal areas of development and goals as well as a physiotherapy screening to target injury prevention. 


Step 2: Collate & Design

Creation of your personalised physio informed training program.


Based on our consultation, we will build your personal 'Stronger dancer' training program. How we work together from here is your choice from the options below...


Step 3: Deliver & Achieve - Together

1 hour follow up £115

Here your program will be delivered in real time face to face in our fully equipped training gym and you will execute each exercise with one to one support. This ensures that you are performing your program with correct technique and muscle activation allowing you to maximise your progress. It also enables us to rapidly modify your workouts to make sure they are challenging yet achievable.  You'll also learn the theory behind your exercises which fundamentally develops your understanding and awareness of your body and how to protect it.


Step 3: Deliver & Achieve - Independently

Personalised fitness program- delivered virtually. 40 min call with program delivered  £60


Feeling confident at completing exercises independently? No problem, we will create and progress your Stronger Dancer program for you to complete at your own pace.  This will be delivered to you over video call and then emailed as a list for you to work on independently. 

Booking Your Initial Consultation

To book your initial consultation please click 'Book now'  in order to book your appointment. For any booking issues please contact us here:
Tel: 07903 262392

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